Use of Technology

Each student enrolled in one of the Cascade Union Elementary School District schools is provided an electronic device to connect to electronic textbooks, to submit assignments electronically, to learn keyboarding skills, and be prepared for employment in the 21st century. Students in grades TK-1 are provided a tablet; Students in grades 2-8 are provided a Chromebook. Students who require access to specialized apps are assigned an iPad. Students are expected to use the device with great care and to report any issues with their device promptly so it can be repaired. 

Parents are responsible for the cost of repairs and replacement of their student's device, just as they are for textbooks that are damaged. However, student device insurance is available at a reasonable cost to minimize out of pocket expenses.

Enroll in Student Device Insurance.

The Handbook for Parents, Students, and Guardians includes the expectations of students while using the assigned device. Parents and students are urged to review this information.

Read Board Policy 6163.4 which governs the provisions of the student's use of technology.