Our Cascade Culture: Our Mission, Vision, and Values

our mission

our vision

our values


to give someone the desire, the confidence, and the enthusiasm to do something well


to trust someone and be confident they will be successful


to successfully accomplish something by courage, effort, or skill

The staff of the Cascade Union Elementary School District include and serve all students from across our community.

We create a culture of excellence; challenging students to be successful, continuous learners - academically, socially, and emotionally.

Using student-centered curriculum, engaging instruction, and cutting-edge technology, we provide positive and safe classrooms that focus on the whole child.

With students, families, and community as equal partners, we are dedicated to preparing confident, healthy, respectful, and responsible students who can succeed and be productive today, next year, in high school, in college and their future career.

Students, Staff, Families, Community. Together, we are proud to be the Cascade Union Elementary School District.

We come to school committed and prepared to do our best, demonstrating high and consistent expectations for ourselves and others. 

We recognize and value everyone’s unique talents, skills, abilities, and potential.

We accept responsibility for our own learning and behavior, while supporting the growth and development of others through our actions and words.

We communicate with others in kind, patient, respectful, and inclusive ways.

We value and build caring and compassionate relationships with others, actively listening to understand.

We address challenges using collaborative problem-solving methods that focus on clear and measurable outcomes.