Our District leadership realizes that location can make all of the difference for educational success, and schools across Shasta County have an agreement in place to support those parents who wish to enroll elsewhere. 

A parent may want to transfer their student from the school of residence (the school a student is assigned to attend based on their address) to a school near a parent’s workplace. Perhaps a student’s sibling attends a different school and parents want both children together on one campus. There are a host of reasons why a transfer may be appropriate for your family. 

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If you want to apply for a transfer, it is important to know which kind of transfer you need:


Interdistrict Transfer

 An INTERDISTRICT Transfer allows a student to transfer from one’s district of residence to another district. For example, a parent who lives in the Redding School District may work in Anderson and as a result, want to enroll his/her child in the Cascade School District. While the districts in Shasta County agree to allow these transfers from one district to another, they are permitted to deny the transfer request if there is no room in the grade level requested, if the student is expelled or otherwise known to have behavioral or attendance issues, or if they are unable to provide services due to capacity limitations.

Intradistrict Transfer

 An INTRADISTRICT transfer allows a student to transfer from one school within a district to another school in the same district. For example, a parent whose children are assigned to Meadow Lane Elementary School may want to transfer to Anderson Heights Elementary School because it is on the parent’s route to and from work. Both of these schools are within the Cascade Union Elementary School District. While we are happy to accommodate parents who wish to transfer to another school within our district, these transfers are dependent on availability of services needed by the student and space in the classroom/grade at the requested school.