Flyer Approval

As a service to our community and in order to effectively communicate with our students and their parents, we allow flyers to be distributed through our schools. The procedures are as follows:

  1. All flyers to be sent home with students must be approved by the Superintendent’s Office. 
  2. All flyers must contain the following disclaimer, printed on every flyer, in a font/size that is legible:
    • This flyer is distributed at the request of the organization/person listed on the flyer. This is not a Cascade Union Elementary School District sponsored program and CUESD accepts no liability or responsibility for the program or activity.
  3. Present your flyer to the Superintendent’s Office, 1645 West Mill Street, in Anderson, for approval. You may fax your flyer to 530-378-7001, or email to, if more convenient. 
  4. Be sure to include your contact information so we can notify you when your flyer has been approved. 
  5. Once the flyer has been approved, an APPROVED COPY will be available for you to pick up. If you submitted your flyer by fax or email, we will return it by the same method unless you request otherwise. When you obtain the APPROVED COPY, you will be provided instructions regarding the number of copies to prepare, where they should be delivered to or if you would prefer your flyer could be sent electronically.
  6. The APPROVED COPY must be presented to the school staff when you deliver the flyers to the site. Without this APPROVED COPY, flyers will not be distributed to students. 
  7. The school staff will distribute your flyer to the students on the day/s they regularly distribute flyers to go home or they can send your flyer electronically to families. Just let the office know which method you'd prefer to have your flyer distributed. 

Thank you for your interest in involving our students in your activity/program.