Board Policies

Board Policies and Administrative Regulations

The Cascade Union Elementary School District welcomes public review of our Board Policies and Administrative Regulations.

No password or login is required. 

The file is searchable by keyword or, if the policy or regulation number is known, type BP [space] and the 4-digit number. For an Administrative Regulation, follow the same pattern: AR [space] and the 4-digit number. To search, press CTRL F and type in the search term.

The Master Board Policy file is established using the following numeric categories:

  • 0000 series = Philosophy, Goals, Objectives, and Comprehensive Plans
  • 1000 series = Community Relations
  • 2000 series = Administration
  • 3000 series = Business and Noninstructional Operations
  • 4000 series = Personnel
  • 5000 series = Students
  • 6000 series = Instruction
  • 7000 series = Facilities
  • 9000 series = Board Bylaws

If you have questions about the Board Policies/Administrative Regulations, please call the office of the Superintendent at 530-378-7000, ext. 7102.