In July 2013, Governor Jerry Brown signed a new school funding model into law. This new plan is known as the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), and it requires school districts like Cascade Union Elementary School District to develop an Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) that establishes the District’s priorities in the budget development process.

Each district’s LCAP must address the eight priority areas identified by the California Department of Education:

  • Access to core services
  • Implementation of Common Core State Standards
  • Access to a broad course of study
  • Student achievement
  • Other student outcomes
  • Student engagement
  • Parent involvement
  • School climate

These priority areas are dictated by the State, but the specific goals and targets within each area are largely determined by each school district with input from stakeholder groups such as parents and guardians, teachers, support staff members, community members, input from the Governing Board, and District administrators.

In other words, LCAP helps ensure that our district — not Sacramento — has the authority to spend financial resources that are better aligned with the needs of the Cascade community and our students. This is why your input is so critical to the development of the LCAP.

Public input is critical to the development of the LCAP. In response to the input we received, the following CUESD programs and initiatives were created or expanded:

  • 1:1 Technology
  • Professional development
  • Updated safety features (bells, loudspeakers, cameras)
  • Focus on Math achievement
  • iReady for students in grades 2-8
  • Additional Physical Education and Music teachers
  • Increased student incentives to recognize academic achievement, attendance, classroom participation, behavior, and citizenship
  • Longer science and social studies periods
  • Increased family and community engagement

Click here to view our latest LCAP.