Curriculum & Instruction





Our Curriculum and Instruction Department is tasked with providing support and assistance to administrators, teachers, and staff in order to provide an outstanding education to our students. Working collaboratively, we develop and deploy all things academic with each student’s success being the focus of our efforts.

Our teaching staff receives ongoing support and training to continually improve teaching, learn new methodologies, and sharpen skills that reach beyond academic instruction to provide our multi-tiered system of support to our students and families.

Curriculum Instruction

Curriculum is regularly evaluated and replaced to ensure students receive instruction that is comprehensive and contemporary. Over the course of a year, various curricula are piloted to give teachers an opportunity to evaluate and select the very best instructional tools and resources for our students.

As with all public schools throughout the state of California, we are committed to the implementation of state standards, standards-based report cards, and assessments to determine academic progress; but our emphasis is larger than simply academics. Our focus is on the whole child. A student whose focus is not on learning will be unable to learn. If something is occupying a student’s thoughts throughout the school day, that student will struggle academically. Because of this we support social and emotional learning throughout the TK-8 gradespan. We believe that with a focus on the social, mental, and physical well-being each student will achieve success.

For students who need additional support, small group intervention is available with a specific focus on reading and mathematics. Our teachers use data driven instruction to address specific standards that a student may struggle with. Through the small group instruction, students are able to bridge learning gaps and grow academically with the rest of their grade level.