General Obligation Bond

In November 2016, our Anderson community voted to approve a $8.9 million bond program to support our schools. The bond program provides funds to make significant improvements in buildings and technology. 

The following list of projects are authorized to be completed as needed at each or any of the District’s sites, as approved by the Board of Trustees. 
• Repair or replace leaky roofs
• Repair or replace deteriorating plumbing and sewer systems
• Upgrade inadequate electrical systems
• Make health, safety and security improvements
• Modernize 55-year-old outdated classrooms, restrooms and school facilities
• Replace outdated heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems
• Make energy-efficiency improvements, including replacing outdated windows and lighting
• Upgrade or replace outdated temporary portable classrooms
• Renovate and upgrade computer and science labs, multi-purpose rooms, cafeterias and kitchens
• Improve student safety at drop-off and pick-up areas
• Upgrade, expand or construct new libraries
• Upgrade/renovate playgrounds, play structures and P.E. fields and facilities, including a track at the middle school, for school and community use
• Improve student access to computers and modern technology
• Modernize/renovate classrooms to meet 21st century educational standards
• Replace existing wiring systems to meet current electrical and accessibility codes and increased capacity
• Federal and State-mandated Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) safety upgrades including playground equipment replacement
• All Federal and State-mandated Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility upgrades including site access, parking, staff and student restrooms, relocation of some existing electrical devices, drinking fountains, playground equipment, etc.
• Upgrade school site parking, roadways, utilities and grounds
• Repair, replace and/or upgrade paved surfaces, turf, and other grounds to eliminate safety hazards
• Abate and remove hazardous materials identified prior or during construction

As with every General Obligation Bond project, a Citizens Oversight Committee is established to oversee the projects and ensure the expenditures are appropriate.