Interdistrict Transfer Process and Form

To apply for an Interdistrict Transfer, you will need to complete the Interdistrict Transfer Application. Present the completed form to your district of residence (the school district your child would attend based on where you live). Every district uses the same  Interdistrict Transfer Form. Once it is approved by your district of residence, you have these options:

  1. You may bring the form to the Cascade Union Elementary School District Office at 1645 West Mill Street in Anderson
  2. You may fax it to us at 530-378-7001.
  3. You may ask your district of residence to forward it to Cascade Union Elementary School District by the inter-office mail service.

Once our district receives and reviews your request, we will notify you regarding its status. As soon as it is approved, you are welcome to enroll your child. Enrollment forms are available on this website under the ENROLLMENT tab or you may visit the school in person.