Student Insurance

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Most School Districts do not provide medical, accident or dental insurance for pupils injured on school premises or through school activities. To help you provide coverage for your child, many districts are making available a low cost medical/dental accident insurance program. The purpose of this plan is to provide assistance at a minimum cost to meet some of the expenses for accidental injury. The plan does not provide unlimited coverage, but does offer substantial assistance in the event of injury.

There are two levels of benefits available. The “High Option” level of benefits is recommended if your child has no family coverage or if your private coverage has a high deductible. All plans are available on a “School Time” or “24-Hour” (all day, everyday) basis and can cost as little as $11 (one time annual payment).

The plans pay the first $500.00 in benefits in addition to other insurance, which can help you meet your primary insurance deductibles and/or co-payments.

Since most districts do NOT provide medical/dental accident insurance, we urge that serious consideration be given to the program. To purchase the plan, download the brochure above, fill in the application, enclose payment, and follow the instructions in the brochure.

If you have further questions, please call Pacific Educators, Inc., Student Accident Department at (800) 722-3365 or (714) 639-0962.

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