Athletic Policies

Students who wish to participate in sports/athletics must be enrolled in 7 periods of class and must receive a 2.0 or higher on the report card prior to sport try-outs. If student/athlete receives any D’s or F’s, during the sports season, they must attend Success Center before school, at lunch recess, and/or attend Project Share (after-school) and successfully bring the grade/s above a C-. Student athletes are not eligible to participate in games if they have an F in any subject and are subject to missing game time with D’s.

Student athletes may play and practice up to 10 days after the Athletic Director is notified by the teacher that the athlete is failing a class. If the athlete still has an F after 10 days, they may not play or practice with the team for another 10 days or until the grade is above a C-. If the athlete has an F grade after 10 days, the student/athlete will be removed from the team.

Student athletes may not leave school earlier than the recommended time for an event. Additionally, the student athlete must attend school on the Friday prior to a tournament.

In order to compete, athletes must attend at least 4 full periods on the day of a game.

Expectations for elementary age student athletes fall under the same guidelines.