Anderson Middle School was built in July 1949, 100 and 200 wing only.  In 1958 wings 400, 500, and 600 were added.  The original Anderson Elementary (now Anderson Middle School) was built with 2 bond elections which totaled $44,000.00 in the year 1946.  The eleven acres the school still sits on cost the CUESD $2,500.00.  In 1953 another 2 bonds was passed in Anderson for a total of $122,000.00.  Some of this money was used to buy 5 more acres of land and 5 houses that were on it.  This 5 acres cost $42,450.00.  In 1955 the Anderson Annex was completed which included more classrooms as well.  In 1958 an $84,000.00 bond was passed and a science room and library was added to AMS.  Portables were added in the 90’s and the new gym in 2014.  Throughout the years there have been other upgrades to the library, bathrooms, roofing, paving, sports fields, the track, and other parts of the grounds.  Solar arrays for the AMS campus were completed in 2019.