Principal's Message

Welcome to North State Aspire Academy, a school with small class sizes and highly trained staff. We focus on providing a program with a focus on behavioral, academic, and social-emotional support individualized for each student. The goal is a short-term placement option for students with behavior issues that can be corrected in a specific setting before returning them to the school of residency. Here, we utilize an ERICS (Educationally Related Intensive Counseling Services) program, a continuum of services, which could include: individual counseling, parent counseling, and behavior intervention services. The goal of the ERICS program is to support the student to access their education and make progress on goals, in the least restrictive environment, resulting in educational benefit. The staff at North State Aspire Academy are trained in Ukeru, a restraint-free, trauma-informed approach to crisis management. Staff are also trained in ProACT, a set of principles that focus on maintaining student dignity while keeping students and staff safe. Students are assessed and an individualized intervention plan is created. ProACT restraint will be used as a last resort to protect the safety of the child and staff members. Restraint will be used only to prevent a child from harming him/herself or someone else. If requested, every school day, each student takes home his/her Daily Progress Report (DPR), a reflection of the student’s progress, both academically and behaviorally. Parents must sign and return the DPR daily/weekly, depending on each child’s individual plan. The DPR provides a communication bridge between the parents and the school. Please feel free to ask questions or provide additional information if there is a situation at home about which the school should be aware. At NSAA, a system of levels is utilized, with level 1 being the lowest and level 4 the highest. As students progress, maintaining their level throughout the day, they are able to access more privileges. Students that consistently maintain a level 3/4, and demonstrate progress in other areas, are considered for transition to a comprehensive school site. Please read this entire packet and sign the Acknowledgement and Agreement page. Then return it to the Anderson Heights school office. We are glad to have you with us and want to assure you that we will help your child with their academic, social, and behavioral growth. We appreciate your cooperation.


If you have any questions, please call 530-378-7050.


Carrie Norris, Principal & the NSAA Staff