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Cannot Watch Videos in Internet Explorer
Last Updated 5 years ago

Some people have experienced a strange issue when accessing the website where the service logs you off when you try to view a video.

The fix for this is short and straightforward.  Please see the steps below:

Step 01) 
Make sure that the Internet Explorer web browser is not open.  If you do have a browser window open, simply finish up what you are working on and then click the close button.

Step 02)  Reopen the Internet Explorer web browser by clicking the blue “e” icon in the bottom left corner of your screen (next to the Windows [Start] button).


Step 03)  After the web browser loads, perform the following key sequence:  press and hold the [Control] button with your left hand, then press and hold the [Shift] button with your left hand, then press the [Delete] key with your right hand and release all buttons.
If you did this correctly, a window will appear (as shown in the image below).  Make sure that the [Preserve Favorites website data] and [Temporary Internet files and website files] options are checked.  Everything else should remain unchecked.  Click the [Delete] button to finish.


Step 04) 
Go to and logon.  You should now be able to view videos again.

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