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Automatically Configure Classes in Google Classroom and Hapara
Last Updated 11 months ago

Hapara integrates directly into Google Classroom, and Aeries allows synchronization of class data into Google classroom.

Follow the steps below to synchronize your class data and build your rosters in Hapara:

Step 01) Log in to Aeries. On the Home screen, under the Class Summary section, find the class that you would like to add to Hapara and click the [Add Website] button.


Step 02) A new window appears titled Add/Edit a website for . Click the [Create] button to generate your Aeries class in Google Classroom. (You may also click the [Link] button instead, but this should only be done if you already have information for your class in Google Classroom and want to connect it to the corresponding Aeries class.)

Please note that the creation process can take a few minutes to complete--you don't need to wait for Step 02 to finish before starting on Step 03.

Also, the Website URL and Access Code fields will generate automatically when the creation process is done.


Step 03) Go to Google Classroom, find the new class that was created, and click the [Accept] button.


Step 04) Open Hapara ( and click the [Add or Sync Class] link.


Step 05) Click the [Sync Classes] button.


Step 06) Select the classes you would like to import and click the [Add Classrooms] button.


These steps will need to be performed for each classroom you would like to build in Hapara and Google Classroom.

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