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Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Tutoring

Supplemental Educational Services
Supplemental Educational Services (SES) are free tutoring services that must be offered to low-income children who attend a Title I school that fails to make progress for three years (in its second year of "school improvement status").
These services offer students extra help in academic subjects such as reading, language arts, and mathematics. SES services are provided outside the regular school day - typically in the after school setting. A daily snack is also provided for each child.
If you are interested in this FREE tutoring program for your child and would like to reserve a spot in our program, please contact your child's school office and let them know that you would like the Shasta County Office of Education as your SES Tutoring provider.
NOTE: Title I schools that do not make adequate yearly progress for two years in a row must offer students the opportunity to transfer to a better performing public school. For information about this school option, visit the U.S. Department of Education's website.