2015 CAASPP Testing Results

As Superintendent of CUESD, I am excited about the shift that we are making to teaching students to be stronger non-fiction readers, writers, mathematical thinkers and problem solvers. I believe that this new test (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress-CAASPP) far better measures these skills than the previous test. The old STAR test and No Child Left Behind laws truly began to focus teaching to a narrow group of standards that could be tested with multiple choice questions.

I believe that in a year we will know far more about what these test scores mean and how they can help us continue to improve our instruction. We will be able to compare the growth of individual students from one year to the next and look at the growth sub-groups are making. My goal is to continue our District's focus on teaching the standards as a whole with children becoming competent life- long learners. With this focus the test scores will continue to increase because if students are truly readers, writers, and mathematicians they will do well on any test.

We are still waiting for the individual student reports that are sent out to parents, as soon as these arrive we will distribute them to parents.

I am proud of all of the work that has been done by the staff at CUESD to plan and teach the new California State Standards, I am excited about what I get to see in our classrooms on a daily basis and know that this is the right path for the future our students.

Dr. Baljinder Dhillon
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